PBCC Threatens Illegal Fines To Local Businesses


     The Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners (PBCC) has been renewing and enforcing their Mask Mandate by Emergency order (EO), every 30 days since June 2020 (Read Order HERE). The County continues to ignore the Constitutional Rights of the Palm Beach County, FL residents and has used its statutory emergency powers to bypass the legislative process over the span of almost a year. Despite the fact that their EO lists EIGHT exemptions to wearing a mask, the County refuses to educate around or uphold those exemptions. To add insult to injury, the County felt themselves empowered to fine law abiding citizen’s and business, who they deemed were in violation of their EO. That is until Governor DeSantis issued his Executive Order suspending these fines, issued September 2020 Order 20-244 (Read Order HERE).

     This would otherwise be great news for local businesses and the many people who fall under the ignored exemptions, except it’s NOT. The PBCC has publicly interpreted the Governor’s order to apply only to the fining of individuals and not businesses. (See video HERE where Commissioner McKinlay states her belief that she can fine the Hilton Hotel for not enforcing her Mask Mandate). Just a standard case of power drunk, fearmongering by your run of the mill Government puppets, nothing to see here folks! Except, WAIT – there IS something to see here. Something every business owner should take a long look at.

     Through a public records request, it was discovered that the County has been choosing not to move forward with fining local businesses as a direct result of the Governor’s Order. So, while publicly touting a smoke screen of power, they have been cowering to the Governor’s Order behind that screen. (See PBCC Spreadsheet HERE). While “Truth Seekers” would always encourage you to see and read for yourself, here are a few interesting excerpts; “Not currently issuing mask fines due to State EO 244”; “It has been determined that all COVID-19 cases are to be closed per Governors Order 2020-244”; and “Mask use cannot be enforced in religious centers, worship centers, or spaces reserved for the practice of religion.”

     In light of arguably corrupt and tyrannical Government Officials, Courts systems, Law enforcement and media – what can WE the people do? We can and should share this information. Please share the link to this article and find a sharable and printable flyer HERE.

Author: Melissa Martz, Esq.