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BILL H.R. 5531

BILL H.R. 5531 Potential WIN for Sex Trafficked Victims


     Bill H.R. 5531 (TEXT HERE) was introduced to the House on December 19th, 2019. The Bill should be a bipartisan endeavor as it seeks to protect victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. This Bill would amend the Fair Housing Act to include specific protections for these victims. According to The National Housing Law Project (HERE) it is unfortunately common for these victims to be discriminated against based on their status as victims and then denied housing by Landlords.

     This Bill would be a win for advocates of anti sex trafficking because this protection is likely to widely benefit and reach these victims. It is clear to see the benefit for victims and advocates. However, it is also noteworthy that this amendment is likely to benefit all citizens and the greater good in its application. Protecting these victims so that they can be afforded fair and safe housing, alleviates the burden, to some degree, on the rest of society. Therefore, we each have something to gain in the passing of this bipartisan Bill.

     How do we make sure that happens? Well, like any other bill it is imperative that our representatives hear our voices. You can find and reach out to your state representatives (HERE). A quick call or email stating your support for Bill HR 5531 will be the difference for victims and our nation at large.


Author: Melissa Martz, Esq.


June 1, 2020