Justice for SOME.





     There have been countless articles written about the fact that the DOJ (Department of Justice) filed a Motion to Dismiss the Criminal Information, brought by the FBI against Michael Flynn. GOOD NEWS, you don’t have to read one more article (Not even this one!). You can read the filing for yourself right HERE. But just in case you want an abridged unbiased version, please read on…

     The filing explains that the FBI opened an investigation to see if there was coordination between the Trump Campaign and Russia. After four months of investigating the FBI drafted internal paperwork to close the investigation as it related to Flynn, who was the National Security Advisor to the President. By way of the FBI’s admitted “utter incompetence” (The FBI’s own words not mine, REALLY read the filling!) the internal closure paperwork against Flynn was never fully processed. So, when the FBI subsequently got ahold of phone recordings between Flynn and Russia, which took place within the scope of his job for the Trump Administration, they uncharacteristically kept the investigation going.

     The FBI then decided to interview Flynn to see if they could get him to lie and then charge him based solely on that lie. They would have to do this if they wanted to “get” him because they had already listened to the recordings and there was NOTHING criminal about them. The FBI went purposefully against their own protocol and did not notify the White House or DOJ the day they went to interview Flynn. Further, they convinced Flynn not to have an attorney present. Flynn stated that he knew the FBI had the recordings. So why would Flynn lie? The statements purported as lies reflected standard memory gaps such as “I do not recall” or “to the best of my recollection” etc.

     The FBI agents that interviewed Flynn said they felt like he was not lying. Yet James Comey (FBI Director) said he thought otherwise. The bottom line is the DOJ found that even if Flynn had lied in the interview, it was not material to the investigation. They said there was zero evidence that Flynn acted in any way against the interest of the United States in his dealings with Russia. His communication with Russia was within the scope of his duty to the White House.

     So, why did the FBI break their own rules to go after Flynn and try to put him in jail when then knew he was innocent? That is the bigger question. If Flynn was susceptible to a corrupt FBI, what does that mean for the rest of us? Why isn’t any one in the FBI being charged? If this was a political power move by the President, why did he wait so long? The investigation started back in August 2016.

Read the filing REALLY….

Author: Melissa Martz, Esq.


May 11, 2020