Is this the 2020 Holocaust or just Crocodile Tears from Nevada Nurse?




     By now many of us have viewed the “whistleblowing” emotive video posted by Nevada nurse Nicole Sirtek (WATCH HERE). Nicole is a visiting nurse in a New York hospital. She claims she has been a witness to extreme negligence resulting in the unnecessary deaths of countless covid-19 patients. She compares the scenario to the Holocaust, saying the negligence is motivated by racism towards minorities in the quote “hood”. Is there any merit to these claims or is Nicole just hypersensitive? On one hand and quite disturbingly so, it is established that overall medical success rates are significantly lower amongst minority patients and that they often receive lower quality care than non-minority patients (SEE HERE). Perhaps we should not be so shocked by Nicole’s allegations. If you yourself are not a minority, and by definition most of us are not, why should we even care?

     With all the stir around the accuracy of the reported number of cases and deaths attributed to Covid-19, we might want to factor in the implicit racial bias that Nicole alleges as the actual cause of many deaths. On May 5th 2020 the CDC posted 24,560 deaths from Covid-19 for the state of New York. How many of those 24,560 deaths can we be certain are legitimate Covid caused deaths? Well, that is hard to know with allegations like Nicole’s, isn’t it? And we all know that stats can be manipulated to paint the picture we want to see (SEE CDC STATS). One stat I found interesting, is that in the New York counties comprised of 95% or more Whites, there were less than 20 Covid -19 deaths reported in each of those counties (As of May 5th,2020). Conversely, the other counties ranged from over 20 up to over 5,000 deaths. Is Covid-19 just highlighting for us what we already knew? That it is preferable to be a white person in a rural town during an alleged pandemic? Or is this something new?

     If what Nicole alleges is true, we can’t let her off the hook either. Comparing the negligent murder of these minority patients to the Holocaust is a big deal. Nicole states many times in her video that she tried to alert management, she reached out to several advocacy groups and even reached out to the media. She lamented that no one cared, no one responded, and her higher ups just moved her to another unit where she will undoubtedly continue to observe the 2020 Holocaust and collect her paycheck.

     This seems to be the more troubling finding in the video. Nicole never mentions that she reported or intends to report the numerous negligent murders to the New York Board of nursing where she can make a formal complaint for each incident. This is the recommended course of action by the NCSBN (SEE HERE) and the New York Board of Nurses (SEE HERE). So, why didn’t Nicole do this? And why is she still working for “Hitler”? Is Nicole privileged enough to sound off her stresses to the world and at the same time not be accountable herself?

     As with any profession or institution there is protocol. Here, the protocol was clear. Nicole should file a complaint for each horrific incident she details in her video. We have to wonder how crocodilian her tears may be if she continues to work in an environment that she claims is facilitating the unjustified death of innocent Americans. The scenario she paints is believable. However, if nurses like her don’t report and don’t take a real stand then all we have is a dramatic video to wind us up, along with false Covid-19 death reporting and a growing heap of murdered minorities.


MAY 6th 2020

Author: Melissa Martz, Esq.