Are We Helping the Rise of Human & Child Trafficking?

 With the advent of advanced technology, the expansive growth of the internet, and the massive increase of global production, it is easier than ever to be a slave owner or at least help one. Currently, there are roughly 40 Million human beings who are enslaved, worldwide, with 1 out of 4 victims being children. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), of those 40 million people, 15 million are forced into marriage and 25 million are victims of forced labor, which includes physical work and sexual exploitations (Link). Needless to say, modern day slavery is alive and well, and every American, including you and me, is contributing to its rise.

Why is it growing? Human trafficking is big business, raking in $150 billion each year, with nearly $100 billion in profits coming from sex trafficking and the other $50 billion attributed to forced slave labor. Human trafficking within labor enslavement helped to bring in $34 billion in construction, manufacturing and utilities, $9 billion in agriculture/forestry/fishing, and $8 billion in domestic work (Link ). What is even worse is that 71% of the agriculture and 17% of the service industry slaves are children, which further supports the findings that nearly 152 million children have been subjected to forced labor at one point of their lives (Link).

With a basic understanding of sex trafficking it then makes it easier to connect these inhumane act to the average American. This is a good opportunity to mention an active California lawsuit which includes charges against many powerful politicians, business tycoons, media networks, and corporations, including Facebook and Google, as well as the Chinese Community Party, for their crimes against humanity. The plaintiff is Cyrus. A Parsa of the AI Organization ( Link), a research and development company that specializes in the monitoring of advancements in technology so as to protect humanity from its misuse.

Parsa’s lawsuit includes many claims which explain how current technology is purposely being created and misused in ways that are intended to harm humanity. Why is Parsa and his company filing suit against tech moguls, politicians, and the Chinese government, and what does it have to do with human trafficking? It’s all interconnected. According to the AI Organization’s lawsuit, which was filed in February 2020 (See full Complaint in PDF format HERE), the Chinese Community Party, in accordance with the other high-profile defendants, have participated in the creation and use of slave work camps, the execution of citizens who were considered enemies of the state, and the acts of forced organ harvesting and illegal medical and technological testing (refer to pages 42-45 in full document).

Upon further research, there is validity to this lawsuit. According to reports conducted by lawyers and activists of the End Transplant Abuse Organization ( Link), upward of 100,000 organ transplants have occurred since 2000 in Chinese hospitals that are undocumented in terms of how the organs were accessed. Further, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Link), reports there are nearly a million Muslim minorities enslaved within Chinese labor concentration camps which produce products and technologies for the likes of Apple, Sony, Samsung, in addition to Nike and Gap. Additionally, The Chinese Tribunal through Forbes magazine, verifies that these enslaved laborers are also being used for forced organ harvesting and medical testing (Link).

How does this relate to the average American? I mean most of us are not buying an organ off the black market or enslaving anyone.

Here is how:

• One, by doing business with the Chinese Community Party, we are aiding and abetting, and, thus, accepting their crimes against humanity as they enslave the masses, including many children, for forced labor to create products sold throughout the world.

• Two, we buy products made within Chinese work concentration camps,therefore, allowing the enslavement and trafficking to continue.

• Three, we partake in the use of online sites, like Facebook and Google, which are owned by corporations that, in fact, work with and compensate the Chinese Community Party.

Parsa’s lawsuit is currently active and has been revised within the State of California, awaiting further action as most courts are closed due to the pandemic outbreak. Whether it is a publicity stunt or an altruistic effort to aid humanity, the public should be the judge after completing its own research.

However, what cannot be refuted are the truths about human trafficking. As a reminder, 1 out of every 4 trafficking victims, is a child. Therefore, it is highly likely that a child slave is making our cellphones, toys, food, etc. - the list goes on. We are a global civilization, so we can no longer say that we aren’t part of the problem, when, in fact, we very much are. Our purchases, our participation, and our continuous choice to turn a blind eye are what help to keep human trafficking in business and on a steady upward climb.


Written By: Gina Morresi Copyright April 23, 2020

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**Please complete your own research and do not to rely solely on my findings. We are now our own investigative reporters, and my purpose is to provoke thought and enlighten so we can begin to search for the answers ourselves and then take necessary action to stand up for our rights and the rights of every human being in the world.