Imagine fantazsizing about a warm sunny trip to Hawaii! “Uh, I’d love to get away to Hawaii” you think, feel or exclaim out loud. Without missing a beat You’re iPhone sounds a bell and behold an AD for you’re trip to Hawaii blasts across the screen. Sound familiar? Perhaps you have been influenced or worse yet mind controlled. Can you be sure you and not the technology, was the origin of this fanciful vision to escape to Honolulu?

          Cyrus A. Parsa, CEO of The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Organization filed a Lawsuit on December 16th 2019 in the United States District Court Southern District of California. The Amended Complaint (filled February 26th 2020) alleges grave “misuse and weaponization” of 5G AND 6G radiation. He claims the abuse of numerous AI technologies like mixed realities (advertised by Bill Gates WATCH HERE), virtual reality, holograms, cloning, genetic extraction, robotics, extraction of Bio-metrics via technologies like voice and facial recognition (see one victims story HERE), and Cyborg technology, just to name a few. Sounds like the stuff Sci Fi movies are made of. So, who is he suing? The list is long but here are some of the alleged “misusers and weaponizers”; Alphabetic Inc. (parent company to Google and YouTube), Facebook, many prominent United States Politician’s, several mainstream media outlets and of course the Chinese Communist Party. Sounds like the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. Or is truth stranger than fiction? (See full Complaint in PDF format HERE).

          Parsa appears to be altruistic in his plight to save all humanity from the alleged dubious plot to harm the words people with this super advance AI (see Parsa explain CLICK HERE). He warns that the objective of the Defendant’s is to use this AI to create one large Artificially Intelligent Brain. Together this AI takes information from humanity as they interface with technological mediums such as social media which then interfaces with the long list of technologies already mentioned. So, what is the big deal if World Governments and Google know your face and voice and shopping habits well enough to send a robotic bumble bee to assassinate you as you scroll through Facebook on your bathroom toilet? Well, the real threat, as explained by Parsa is that this advanced AI, supported by 5G can be used as mind control. Most articles about 5G tout the physical dangers of 5G (Learn more HERE). Science supports that because humans are made, in part, of Electromagnetic Energy, this energy can be affected by radiation. 5G is a doped-up version of that radiation. Parsa sounds the alarm that sickness is the least of our concerns. The human brain and heart and subsequently all thoughts and emotions express themselves as Electromagnetic Energy. It is estimated the that the Electromagnetic Energy emitted by the human brain or heart can reach up to four feet outside of the human body. In the hands of the wrong person this AI could be much more than sickening.

          In his books Parsa details how this AI has already been misused and weaponized in China. (Detailed HERE). Lets just say the abuses go way beyond inspiring you to buy a trip to Hawaii. His warning sounds as a narrative of harm already done as well as anticipated harm fast approaching. Is Parsa’s Lawsuit the biggest publicity stunt of 2020 or are these the greatest crimes against humanity? 

Author: Melissa Martz, Esq. 


APRIL 2020